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The Bulletin on Health

Summarizes recent NBER Working Papers pertaining to health topics. It is distributed digitally three times a year and is free.
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Medicaid coverage for prenatal care has expanded considerably in recent decades. But in many states, undocumented immigrants remain ineligible for this coverage. This exclusion is consequential because one in thirteen births in the United States is to an undocumented immigrant. In Covering Undocumented Immigrants: The Effects of a Large-Scale Prenatal Care Intervention (NBER Working Paper 30299), researchers Sarah Miller and Laura Wherry evaluate the effects of...

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Following a hospitalization, about one-fifth of Medicare beneficiaries are discharged to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). These facilities provide short-term care for recovery from a procedure — such as a hip replacement — or a medical event — such as a stroke. The average length of stay is 45 days; at a cost to Medicare of about $470 per day, this care accounts for approximately 8 percent of Medicare’s spending. In Producing Health: Measuring Value Added of Nursing...
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When colleges and universities reopened in the fall of 2021, only 47 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds in the United States were fully vaccinated against COVID-19. At institutions that required students to be vaccinated, however, the vaccination rates were much higher. In The Effect of Vaccine Mandates on Disease Spread: Evidence from College COVID-19 Mandates (NBER Working Paper 30303), Riley K. Acton, Wenjia Cao, Emily E. Cook, Scott A. Imberman, and Michael F. Lovenheim...
Darrell Gaskin is a research associate in the NBER’s Health Economics Program. He is the William C. and Nancy F. Richardson Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. In addition, he is director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions. Gaskin’s research focuses on the role of race, poverty, and place in access to health care, use of health care, and health outcomes. This work...
COVID-19 Booster Uptake among US Adults: Assessing the Impact of Vaccine Attributes, Incentives, and Context in a Choice-Based Experiment  Raman S, Kriner D, Ziebarth N, Simon K, Kreps S. Social Science & Medicine 310, October 2022, 15277. To assess the factors that affect individuals’ reported willingness to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster, researchers surveyed 548 fully vaccinated US adults who had not yet received one. Participants were...

The Bulletin on Health summarizes selected recent NBER Working Papers. It is distributed digitally to economists and other interested persons for informational and discussion purposes. The Bulletin is not copyrighted and may be reproduced freely with attribution of source.

Prior to creation of the Bulletin on Health, the NBER published the Bulletin on Aging and Health

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