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David Autor is the Ford Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research focuses on the determinants of inequality, with particular emphasis on the impact of technology, automation, and trade on labor market outcomes. He has been an NBER affiliate since 1999.

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Alexandre Mas is the William S. Tod Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University. His research focuses on the role of fairness considerations, social forces, credit disruptions, and other factors in affecting labor market outcomes. He has been an NBER affiliate since 2006.

Featured Program Content

Firms Inflate Job Titles to Avoid Paying Workers Overtime working paper w30826 figure
  • Article
Overtime wages are a core component of labor protections for workers. In Too Many Managers: The Strategic Use of Titles to Avoid Overtime Payments...
Working paper figure w30077
  • Article
E-commerce has dramatically altered retail in the last two decades, with online sales growing from 0.63 percent of total retail sales in 1999 to 13.3...
The graph is an event-study figure titled "State Right-to-Work Laws and Unionization."   The chart plots estimates of the difference in the unionization rate between states that adopted right-to-work laws from 2011 to 2017 and states that never adopted them, relative to the year before right-to-work was implemented.   The y-axis ranges from -8 to 2 percentage points, and the x-axis ranges from five years before to five years after right-to-work implementation.  In the year of implementation, right-to-work r
  • Article
Under the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, all workers covered by collective-bargaining agreements receive the full benefits of those agreements,...
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